Monday, April 26, 2010

Twilight Fans Unite

So, I am a huge Twilight fan and was wondering what you guys think of the films. If you’ve read the books, which one is your favorite? For me, I would have to say the first one because I was introduced to this world that I never thought I would care about. I have never been a fan of vampires and fantasy, but man did Stephanie Meyer change my thinking on that! I love the fact that she made the vampires into something more human. It really makes it more relatable for me. I have never been into the whole “I’m a vampire and I’m going to just go around and bite people”. (Although 30 Days of Night was a really neat movie. So dark and creepy)

Anyway, I am the biggest dork when it comes to Twilight. I have never liked something this much. I have both of the movies on DVD, like 5 different Twilight hoodies, a bunch of jewelry and a blanket. Yes, my poor boyfriend has to deal with this haha. Good thing is; he’s pretty into it too. Not as much as me, but he does enjoy it.

Now for the big question: Team Edward or Jacob? I have been an Edward fan from the moment I started reading the books. I know his and Bella’s relationship isn’t perfect, but he just loves her so much and the fact that he’s willing to do anything for her is commendable. You gotta respect a man for that.

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