Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love & Other Drugs (SPOILER ALERT)

Honestly, when I saw the previews and posters for this movie, I thought it was just going to be another one of those sappy love stories; which I love, but sometimes they can get old. In the beginning, I thought it was just all going to be about sex and the main character (Jamie) being a total player and not wanting to actually settle down and fall in love with a girl.

Well, the story took a much unexpected turn and everything was pretty hectic for a while. The movie takes you on this roller coaster ride of emotions that make you laugh and then cry, get angry and upset etc.

When you find out that the female main character (Maggie) is very ill, you start to wonder if Jamie is going to actually stay with her or not. It’s a really cute love story and a very true-to-life one. I really enjoyed how the characters were so real and it felt like this movie could be based on a true story. I couldn’t help but cry during much of the movie, because you really start to love Maggie and want her and Jamie to be together. Jamie goes out of his way, trying to do anything in his power to help Maggie’s medical condition. In time; however, Maggie feels that it is too much and she doesn’t want to bring Jamie into her hectic life. She realizes that him being with her isn’t going to be very easy and wants him to have the life he deserves.

I won’t spoil the ending, but you must see this movie. Us girls all need a good cry once in a while :p

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