Monday, January 3, 2011

Teens Having Sex Too Early

It really freaks me out when I look around and see how kids are acting these days. My younger brother knows things I didn’t know until I was way older than he is, my sister is acting in ways that I don’t think any virgin should act. What is up with kids growing up so fast? How is it that kids learn about sex so early? It really seems to me like there’s not much parents can do to stop the cycle, because if their kids have friends and go to school, they are going to learn all these things. I think what parents are failing to do is take the time to have those important talks with their children, letting them know all the risks involved in having sex, making sure they know how tough pregnancy is and how much having a child will change a person’s life.

There are so many kids that I see now that are just DYING to become pregnant. Sure, I watch a lot of shows like Steve Wilkos and Maury but it’s not only from that that I notice. Kids are just growing up so fast and thinking they are so mature and that they can handle anything, when they don’t even realize how much sex really does change your life.

I had sex before I was ready and honestly, it changed me a lot. It made me feel disgusting and like I gave my body to someone who didn’t deserve it. I have been with two people before my current boyfriend and I can’t even tell you how often I think back and regret the past. I would love to say I’ve only been with one person. That would be a wonderful feeling. Stupid peer pressure lol!

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