Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Good Role Model

Yesterday I was flipping through a few magazines at the mall and came across the latest issue of Elle Magazine. I was really excited when I saw Kristen Stewart on the cover. I know a lot of people may think she’s rude or that she doesn’t appreciate her fame, but I really think she does. I look up to her, because she has shown us that it’s okay to be shy, it’s okay to be nervous. She to me is the most amazing celebrity. I don’t see any of her fame ever getting to her head. I think she will always see herself as just another girl in the world. I admire the fact that she stumbles through interviews, she isn’t perfect and she knows it. This is why I think she’s a really great role model. With girls only seeming to pay attention to the super thin models, the girls who act like they have anything, like they’re better than anyone else; I think we all need someone more down to earth, even if they don’t come around that often. I don’t understand what’s been going on with the world lately. Everyone seems to be so obsessed with people’s personal lives, who’s sleeping with who, who has the better clothes, the better car. Kristen shows us that you can be happy with a simple kind of life.

I honestly didn’t mean to make those two references to No Doubt lol, but they just kind of happened. So, what do you guys think about this topic?

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