Friday, July 9, 2010

What Inspires Me

What inspires you? What keeps you going? What picks you up when you’ve had a bad day?

For me, writing fixes everything. I’m not the best at speaking about how I’m feeling, so when I’m upset and not quite sure why, I’ll grab a piece of paper, close my bedroom door and just let my writing flow. Sometimes what I’m writing doesn’t even make sense, and I think that’s fine; what really matters most is that I’m getting something out of my writing. Whether it be a new outlook on my life, or understanding what’s going on in my own head; it always makes a difference.

Writing has always been a major outlet for me, just like singing. When I’m upset, it feels really good to crank up the music, close my door and just let the emotions flow. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what the song’s about but I’ll end up bawling my eyes out lol. It may seem a bit strange, but it’s such a stress relief for me. Lately I love singing Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight”, “Vanity” and “WooHoo”, they’re really fun songs. I also am really enjoying Rihanna’s latest album, Rated R. A lot of her songs are really catchy. I would have to say “Hard” and “Rock Star 101” are my favorites. Lastly, Ciara’s “Ride It” is another really fun song that I love to sing. The best is just really catchy and it’s a really sexxi song.

So, what about you?

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