Friday, July 9, 2010

YouTube: The New Television

What are your favorite shows? Mine are a little different and many of you will probably not even know what they are. I guess I should start by letting you know that I don’t have TV, so the internet is my main source of “television”. I say “television” because my favorite things to watch are all people on YouTube. Have any of you heard of LisaNova who created the channel MollyisSoCoolLIKE or Shane Dawson? The series that Lisa Nova created is kind of corny but there are a lot of people who are hooked on it. It’s about this girl who has a strange voice and is in high school, she’s a complete outcast. I really think the actors do an amazing job staying in character. Basically, the entire show is recorded from the young girl Molly’s camera. Her mother is an alcoholic, her father got out of jail. There’s a lot going on but it never gets boring and I really think if you give it a chance, you will get hooked too. It’s a pretty funny series at times, but it’s also dramatic and suspenseful and makes you want to come back next time. I’m pretty sure there is a new episode every day or close to it.

Shane Dawson is another really entertaining person. He has a lot of really random skits that he does and a bunch of interesting characters. He will even dress up as girls sometimes, which are my favorite. It’s one of those things that you would just have to see. It’s hard to explain but it’s awesome! He’s a really positive, fun person.

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