Friday, September 10, 2010

Laying In The Grass

I have been having so much fun with my dog lately! I love laying in the grass with him. He gets all excited when I lay down, and he jumps all over me. Luckily he’s only like 3 pounds or it would probably hurt me lol. I could sit outside with him for hours and just let him run around. He’s so funny! I’m not sure what it is but he’s obsessed with leaves. He’ll sit there and chew on them. He also loves pinecones. Does your dog do that too? I just think it’s so hilarious.

I feel bad lately though, because I haven’t been walking him very much. I guess I’ve just been so tired from working and everything and I just don’t have the energy for much of anything right now. Any tips on how to walk your dog and just how to stay motivated? I know he needs to get out of the apartment more and get some fresh air; so do I.

I’m so glad we have three puppies, because they can all grow up together. I just wish they knew how to keep it down at night. They’re always running around, chasing each other; barking lol. I bet the neighbors downstairs hate us! Luckily, they’re moving really soon. I’m really surprised people haven’t complained about them. There was only one time that the neighbor told us that our dog was being loud and it was like 11pm. I felt really bad!! I didn’t realize he was that loud. I guess I just get used to him doing it. He hates when we go to bed at night, because he just wants to stay up. He gets all angry when we turn out the lights lol.

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