Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Can't You Stand?

I can’t stand when people are two faced and act like they know something about your life when they’ve never even been there for you. I also can’t stand when people make plans and then seem to go out of their way to make it so you can’t meet up and make you drive around in circles to find them. Lol.. yes, this happened to me recently and that’s why it’s on my mind lol.

I’m pretty easy to please though, but I just get annoyed with lame people. Some people are just so dumb lol. Like for example: drivers! At least where I live! OMFG! There are some people that are so terrifying on the road that I have NO freakin clue how they ever were allowed on the road in the first place. You have probably seen them, the ones who cut you off or run lights. You notice how there’s NEVER a cop around when they do it? Cops are always around when something minor happens but not when someone REALLY deserves a ticket. No, cuz that would just be oh too convenient lol.

It also drives me crazy when people won’t call you back or are being super-immature and don’t want to talk to you. OR, how about when people text you and you would rather call cuz it’s easier, but they just keep texting and won’t answer your calls lol. That always cracks me up!

Wow, I feel a lot better hehe. So, what bugs you?

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