Thursday, August 19, 2010

Believe In Yourself

I truly believe; positive thinking goes a long way. I have noticed that when you think bad things are going to happen or you look for the negative in everything, negative things happen. Our minds are a lot stronger than many of us think. There is a sort of energy that emulates from us when we think one way or the other, causing things in our life to happen.

I have chosen to take the positive route because I really think it will benefit me. Ever since I found out I had anxiety, I realized that the way I was thinking was affecting how happy I was. In order to live a happy life, I had to change the way I was thinking. My whole life I had been only seeing the negative in my life and hadn’t realized that a lot of it had to do with the way I was acting. I was pushing those away who cared about me most away and not letting anyone into my little bubble. My mother didn’t help much with my situation; she was always picking me apart and making me feel like I had no voice.

I’m glad that I now have many people who love me around me all the time and that are very supportive. Therapy taught me a lot and I hope all of you can lead positive lives as well :)

Life is too short to be worried about the little things, and upsetting over things that will get better in time.

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