Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Vampire Diaries

I know I've been away for a while, but I'm back! :):)

This is my favorite new show. What’s really cool in my opinion is the fact that the main character is actually from my favorite show since I was 14 years old; called Degrassi. It’s really interesting how so many actors and actresses from Degrassi make it into larger shows in the United States. (The show originates from Canada) It’s always a nice surprise when I’m watching a movie and suddenly one of my favorite characters from Degrassi pops up out of nowhere lol.

Anyway, I think this is an awesome show. I like seeing vampires in a new light. Yes, I realize this is all part of the “vampire phase” that’s going on right now, but I think it’s really interesting and I don’t just like it because other people do. I think the show is very sexy, provocative and interesting. I am always excited to see the next episode. It’s like; the episodes can never be long enough for me. I wish this show could be more like a sitcom or something, so that there would be episodes every single day. That would really be amazing. I’m just not sure I would have the time to watch them all haha.

This makes me wonder… what do you think about this whole “vampire obsession” lately? Do you like it, hate it? Do you wish it would die? HAHA. I’m really glad to have finally found something that I’m really into other than just music and writing. Don’t even get me started about Twilight! Lol.

I know this is completely random, but I miss my exercise bike I had when I lived with my grandma. I think it would help me work out more.

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